How to create a gig

Posted on 2024-03-23 Updated on 2024-05-20

In this article, we have provide a step by step guide on How to create a gig on the Xp Freelancer platform.

Step 1: Navigate to Gig Creation Page

Visit Xp Freelancer Seller Home.

Click on "Create a new gig."

Step 2: Gig Overview

  • Provide a compelling title for your gig.
  • Choose Category
  • Write a clear and concise description of your service.
  • Add relevant search tags to make your gig discoverable.
  • Optimize for SEO by incorporating relevant keywords.

Step 3: Gig Preview

  • Review your gig through the search engine preview.
  • Ensure that your title, description, and tags are appealing and descriptive.

Step 4: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Add questions and answers that potential buyers might have.
  • This helps in providing clarity and reduces the need for additional communication.

Step 5: Pricing

  • Set the pricing for your services.
  • Clearly outline what buyers will get for each pricing tier.
  • Specify any additional options or extras available.

Step 6: Requirements

  • Clearly define the requirements from buyers.
  • This could include necessary information, files, or details needed to start working.

Step 7: Gallery

  • Add images or YouTube videos showcasing your work or the process.
  • Upload thumbnail and Gig images ( Size 1200 * 900 )
  • High-quality visuals can attract more buyers.
  • Provide a diverse range of samples if applicable.

Step 8: Review and Publish

Review all the details you've entered.

Make sure everything is accurate and appealing.

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