Guidelines for Xp Freelancer Gig Images

Posted on 2024-03-24 Updated on 2024-06-03

Image Size: Aim for an image size of Size 1200 * 900 Px

Resizing: Use tools like Preview on Mac or Photo Gallery on Windows to resize images. Online tools are also available. Seek assistance from Gig image experts if needed.

Image Quality: Opt for sharp, clear, high-resolution images that grab attention. Avoid blurry, pixelated, stretched, or distorted images.

Number of Images: You can upload up to three images per Gig. Keep it simple and impactful.

Image Usage: Only use images for which you have proper permission and commercial rights.

Accuracy: Ensure images accurately represent your service without resorting to clickbait or misleading content. Relevancy is key to maintain Gig reputation.

Text Usage: Minimize text in images, avoiding repetition from elsewhere in your Gig. Each image should contribute uniquely to the Gig's appeal.

Uniqueness: Choose distinctive images and texts for each Gig to make them stand out.

File Naming: Use clear and relevant file names to enhance your Gig's searchability and SEO.

Authenticity: Feel free to use images of yourself, ensuring clarity and adherence to platform standards.

Content Restrictions: Avoid objectionable content like adult material or hate speech, adhering to platform community standards.

Privacy: Refrain from including any private contact information in your Gig images. All communication should remain within the platform.

Compliance: Ensure Gig images adhere to Xp Freelancer's Terms of Service and Community Standards to prevent removal due to policy violations.

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