Tips to receive positive reviews

Posted on 2024-03-23 Updated on 2024-06-03

The most crucial factor to receive a positive review is satisfying the buyer. Buyer satisfaction depends on:

  • the quality of your work
  • the overall experience the buyer has working with you

Whether you’re creating a logo, designing a website, or writing a script, the quality of your work is what clients pay for. This ultimately boils down to your experience and qualifications, so our best piece of advice to you is this: constantly improve your skills to provide the best services possible.

The experience a buyer has while working with you includes all interactions between you and them, from very first contact to final review. Make sure you do an excellent job in this area as well by considering what goes into the buyer experience.

Communication with the buyer. Try to be positive and pleasant in your communication with the buyer. Remain polite and don’t fall victim to your emotions, even when the buyer is in the wrong. This will go a long way in increasing your chances of a positive review.

Response time and meaningful answers. Try to respond to buyer inquiries as quickly as possible. Provide thorough answers so that the buyer doesn’t have to repeat themselves or ask for clarification. Do not bother buyers without good reason, and never bug them with short or pointless messages.

Showing work in progress. Always take advantage of Gig built-in interim task report system for orders that require more than 2-3 days. Keep the buyer in the loop by explaining how much progress you’ve made, what you’ve accomplished, and what you still have left to do. Whenever possible, share tangible evidence of your progress with them.

Revisions are your enemy. The more buyers have to send work back for revision, the less satisfied they become. Whenever you submit an order for approval, double (even triple!) check that all requirements have been met and that there are no bugs, typos, or inaccuracies in your work.

Speed. Don’t miss deadlines. Indicate realistic turnaround times that you can and will meet.

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