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Withdrawals in local currency

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Posted on 2024-03-23

When you withdraw money from Xp Freelancer to a bank card, you request a withdrawal in USD and receive the money in the currency associated with your card.

Withdrawal methods and Payout

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Posted on 2024-03-23

With our payment partners, you can withdraw your Xp Freelancer earnings almost anywhere in the world, directly to your bank card,bank Account and Paypal. 1. Login to Your Seller account > Payout > Withdrawal Setting 2. Click Withdrawal Setting Fillip bank details For Paypal just Add your Paypal Mail Request a payment

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Posted on 2024-03-23

You can review the status of your withdrawal request on the Balance page. "Request created" and "Pending" The status of your withdrawal request will read Request created once you place a request. This means that your request is being processed. The money hasn't been sent to you yet, but it is being prepared. Note: Withdrawal requests are pr...

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Withdrawal schedule

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Posted on 2024-03-23

Withdrawal scheduleMinimum withdrawal amount: $5 Withdrawal period: Weekly 

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